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My name is Brennan Bowman

Utilizing economics in a comprehensible way to help your organization achieve its goals is what inspired me to create Practical Economic Consulting.




Department of Conservation


  • Developed Cost-Benefit analyses and the economic impact assessments for several rulemaking packages. 

  • Advised the Department on various ad hoc analyses to improve decision making on various rulemakings.

  • Conducted an analysis regarding the economic impacts of SB 1137 and presented this research to executives within the Department.

Graduate Research Assistant

University of Arizona


  • Researched the economic impact of placing retrofit doors on the produce section of supermarkets- determined there was no significant effect on sales of the product. This research can be found here.

Graduate Teaching Assistant

University of Arizona


  • Facilitated two discussions a week for Dr. Aradhyula's course, "Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis". Concepts included probability, collecting data, design of experiments, and graphical methods.

Business Advising Agriculture Volunteer

Peace Corps


  • Trained numerous subsistence farmers in topics such as financial registries, cost-benefit analysis and opportunity cost. One seller from the group successfully applied these trainings to his vegetable and staple crop business. He calculated that he made $450 dollars at the end of the year.


University of Nevada, Reno

B.S. Economics

My Story

Practical Economic Consulting is led by Brennan Bowman- an Economist dedicated to solving environmental problems the world will face for generations to come. Brennan had an epiphany in 2015 while reading his Environmental Science textbook that changed the course of his career. He was pre-majoring in general business classes at the University of Nevada, Reno, unsure of any potential career prospects. He read a chapter that explained the intersection of economics and environmental sciences which was seemingly contrary to everything he knew about both subjects at the time. The more he read about environmental economics, the more enthralled he became with the intersection of the disciplines.

To further propel himself on this path of discovery, he joined the Peace Corps serving from 2018-20 as a Business Advising Agriculture Volunteer in Panama. Brennan worked alongside subsistence farmers growing maize, beans, and rice and ultimately came to the realization that many of life's complex problems can often be solved and presented with simple solutions. Brennan applied the lessons he learned in Panama to both his personal and professional life. 

After gaining invaluable soft skills during this period, Brennan then pursued a Master of Science in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of Arizona from 2020-22. While attaining his Master's, he developed superb quantitative analysis skills. Brennan implements his unique perspective of working with rural farmers to economic analysis as he emphasizes simplicity whenever disseminating any research findings. This attention to detail is what separates Brennan from other economists and it is what inspired him to create Practical Economic Consulting. 

Brennan is confident that he can provide your organization with practical insight that will improve efficiency and help you achieve your mission.

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